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Bathroom sink faucets and vanity top advice wanted!

10 years ago

Can someone offer any insight as to good brands or where to go for reviews? We're looking for either a center spread or a widespread (haven't quite decided yet), chrome faucet that will withstand the "test of time". I had one plumber say to only look at moen or kohler, another one recommended grohe. I've never even heard of Grohe! We'd like to keep it under $200. Any advice on where to start looking will be most appreciated!

Also, we're still debating a vanity top, and have determined we need something white (floors are dark slate, vanity is light maple). Our choice currently is narrowed to either going inexpensive with the American Standard Astra sink, which is just a basic cultured marble, or spending a bit more at and getting a white crystallized glass stone vanity top. We want to purchase a durable, low maintenance top since it's for the kids bathroom, but we don't want to kill any resale (although resale is far, far, far down the line. We're talking 5-10 years at least, so resale isn't the most pressing issue). Once again, any input from those that have BTDT is MOST appreciated!!!

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