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Cost of demolishing attached garage

16 years ago

We are looking into having our home raised up and putting a basement under the entire home. We have an attached garage which looks like demolishing is the smartest way. You see, the garage is made from cinder block. It probably was used as a some type of shop or something years ago. Right now it has workout equipment and many other things that can't fit in our small 1600 sq ft home, hence the basement.

I've asked many questions about the house raising, damage to windows, sheetrock, etc. Apparently things are much more technological than I thought. I was told to leave pictures on walls, lamps on tables, dishes in cabinets. So, I'm not panicing about it as much as I was, but...I still can't imagine my home 5 ft. in the air or higher.

Moving really isn't an option. We're in a great location and any place else we move would be a downgrade. We live in a neighborhood with tree covered streets, every home is different than the other, and our street travels along the river with beautiful views. When the weather is nice we take a walk down to the river, where our neighborhood has a private beach for us with barbecue pits and picnic tables. The kids love to skip stones, put on their wet shoes and swim, play with their remote control boats, kayak or just have a nice picnic. I'd hate to leave all that. Plus my neighbors are awesome.

Tear down and rebuild is way out of our price range. My mortgage isn't even close to being payed off.

I'm sorry this post is so long, but I figured I'd cover all the questions I've been getting from friends, etc. because they're all legitimate questions, and I'm sure some of you would be wondering the same.

So, can anyone give me an idea of the cost to demolish and remove the debris? The garage is 21 x 21. I'm in very southern New Jersey. I'll be calling some demolition businesses tomorrow, but I figured I'd see what I can get out of you guys. Thanks, Lori

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