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Sunroom...which roof should we choose?

14 years ago

I posted this in remodeling, since it's a room addition, but haven't received much response, so I thought I'd try the mecca of design knowledge/advice here.

We're adding a sunroom onto the back of our house (the room with the chimney going out the top in the photos below). We're trying to decide whether to make it a hip roof, which matches more with the style of the rest of the house, or a gable roof, which seems more open facing the back yard. We're on a large lot overlooking a lake, and not too many people would see it from the side view. Here are elevations of our 2 options:

Here are the front and back of the house now.

And FWIW, here's the floor plan of the addition. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated. Ignore the note that says "master bedroom."

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