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How much should I ask for my Sub-Zero's?

15 years ago

One reason for my kitchen redo is to make my kitchen much more user friendly. Unfortunately, my 36 inch SZ counterdepth frig and 36 inch SZ CD freezer won't fit into the new design. Yes, I will be going thru rehab to fit back into a "normal" size CD frig and freezer. I keep telling myself that if I went thru 26 hours of unmedicated labor and delivery, I can make it thru the rest of my life without these beasts. I plan to sell them on my local Craigslist. However, I have no clue whatsoever to ask for them. They are model 201F and 201R: black fronts, but would accept a custom panel. Excellent condition, yada, yada. They are original to the house, 1978. I've looked them up on Ebay and can't find a selling price for any that have been sold. Any ideas where I should start with an asking price? I'm also posting this on the kitchens website for input. Thanks . . .

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