Help me design my mudroom and office area

9 years ago

We finally have preliminary plans back from the architect and they are looking good overall. I just have a few areas of concern... mostly mudroom area and master bath. I am including the mudroom/office area below as drawn and just a hand-drawn empty box of the area. At this point, everything is flexible except the kitchen entry and staircase. Even the exterior walls and walls to garage and exterior doors are movable. My priorities for this space include:

- 5 locker/cubbies around 2ft wide, preferably on a wall that not within direct sight from the kitchen

- Coat closet for off-season storage

- bath with small shower

- room for stand-up freezer

- office space (what is drawn is too big for me - I think 12x12 or 12x10 would work)

- closet in the office for 2 file cabinets and office supplies

- drop zone for keys and such

Got any ideas? Thanks!

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