A Mother's Day Wish, a Gift and a Question

11 years ago

First of all, a Wish: may all your Mother's Days be happy and blessed today!

Second, a Gift . . . mine. Thursday evening DH, DD & I were just finishing up dinner when there was a knock at our front door. This is pretty unusual in itself, as we live in a mountain community where everyone has several acres of land. We don't get uninvited people at our doors here too often ;^D

Anyhoo, I almost fainted as there was our sweet soldier son standing there! He'd gotten a leave to come home and surprise me for Mother's Day . . . and it sure was a huge surprise for me! DH had been in on it all along and never let on. Sooooo, I've gotten the best Mother's Day gift I could ever hope for . . . my son home here and my little family all together again for my special day. And, DH is cooking me/us a very special dinner this evening AND made us Eggs Benedict for breakfast this AM.. He could easily be a chef. Boy did I luck out! ;^)

And finally, the Question: do any of you use a cookbook program for your PCs? If so, which one and do you like it? I'm getting ready to buy one and I think the Living Cookbook program might fit my needs best, but I'd love to hear any thoughts on it.

I love to cook and have tons of cookbooks that I use regularly. What I'm looking for is mainly a program that will allow me to input my many, many favorite recipes into one cookbook that I can access on my kitchen laptop daily. It would be so much easier than hunting through my 100+ cookbooks for the specific recipe(s) I want to make every day!

Well, I hope you're all having great Mother's Days. I am. I'll be back tomorrow sometime to chat a bit more. Missing you all!


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