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Tub spout/shower valve!

14 years ago

[Cross-posted from Plumbing in case anyone over here with recent bathroom renovation experience has any insight!]

I'm wondering if anyone might be able to offer some ideas or advice on an issue we're having--thanks!

We had a 15-year-old Delta shower/tub setup with a leak. At the time DH thought it was an issue with the valve and tried to fix it...and wound up breaking it by turning it too hard. So we had a plumber come out and install a new valve....but the leak persists. Pretty sure it's the spout diverter at this point.

So question #1: we have a universal plastic Delta adapter. The new valve is Kohler (pressure-balanced temp only) and I plan to buy the Kohler trim set that includes the diverter spout. The options are slip-fit or 1/2" NPT. Neither, I assume, is compatible with the Delta universal; can I simply take the plastic piece off and use a slip-fit (or cut off the threading and put a slip-fit over the plastic) or do I need to replace the entire pipe? There seems to be a short copper pipe underneath.

AND....we've developed a new problem now! When we run the tub, we now hear gurgling sounds from the showerhead (a handheld showerhead, so there are multiple connections---some of which seem to leak even when we're just running the tub). When we turn the tub off, the gurgling continues intermittently, and water runs out of the spout each time it gurgles.

Is this also related to a bad diverter in some way? It didn't happen before we had the new valve installed, so I want to be sure it's not a problem with the valve or the installation before we tile everything back in.

Any help would be much appreciated---thanks!