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May Day-Derby Day-Mother Goose Day...what did you do?

14 years ago

Well y'all know how I feel about horses, so easy choice for me! I tried my hand at a little "Luncheon for One".

(hey, I'm here to amuse. LOL)

I had to search my house to figure out what the heck I could put on a table, besides the (Breyer) Thoroughbred and the colt. The 'tablecloth' is an ancient sheet that has tiny roses on it(I even ironed the darn thing. And I'm highly allergic to ironing). The napkin ring is some of my beads,the horse bead on it is a tiger-eye gemstone. It was something already made up long ago or I'd have done better colors for beads and this setting. I have no idea WHY I had the tiny trophy, or the PINK mini hat, but they were in my garage craft stash. LOL. The real horseshoe was for a garden junk project.(The silverware IS silver, flash makes it look kinda gold. I even conquered another "allergy" and polished it for you, tho you can't tell. I'd bought the set at GW just cause of you enablers telling me I should try table-setting and I figured I better forego the stainless steel.) I think my table is missing something.... but I don't know what I could have added to fill it more in the background. Besides, I want to go watch the race. LOL.

Centerpiece close-up

Transferware horse plate, and bead napkin ring, close-up


hugs, Karen

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