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Need to replace dish drawers -- with new dds? or with std dw??

12 years ago

Our 2007 Kitchen Aid dish drawers are going OUT. I had loved the idea of drawers -- it's just the two of us now, so we were no longer waiting three days to load up the d/w. And as my husband and I advance into the, ahem, "seasoned" citizen age, it was wonderful not having to bend to load and unload. We occasionally used the bottom drawer, but mostly 'cause we knew we should.

Based on what I've described below as our performance issues and repair responses/lack of success, if you were me what would you do? Replace with new drawers or go to the standard dishwasher?

Before our 2 yr warranty expired we had techs here countless times, with both drawers disassembled on the floor several times. I don't think any of these repair guys really knew what they were doing with the DDs. One guy who was here two or three times was constantly on the phone with their help lines. And the bottom line, even though one repair company conceded they couldn't repair it, KitchenAid would not replace the machine. They sent another repair company.

Initially the problem was with the top drawer leaking water into the bottom drawer. Finally fixed the problem but the DDs' performance quickly deteriorated. The dishes do NOT get clean, no matter the quantity or brand of detergent and always with rinse agent, no matter rinsing at the sink or not. There is no obstruction, no food accumulation in the watchamacallit. Coffee cups still had crud and rings on the insides. Our old Kenmore cleaned fantastically. Our glasses are horribly etched. One repairman contradicts the other in how to eliminate these problems, but the bottom line is that not a bit of their advice really worked. Water hardness shouldn't be a contributing factor because it's the same water we've always had and our Kenmore washed everything safely and left no water spots, either.

Do you think I'm asking for more of the same problems/issues with DDs? Maybe they've improved considerably since '07? I've read so many threads with DD problems, and just as many with people loving them. It wouldn't be the end of the world if we had to bend a bit or to wait an extra day for clean dishes -- I just want to make a smart decision.

Thanks for your feedback!

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