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Which tub filler for my huge tub and Moderne tile?

11 years ago

I've been waffling on a tub filler for my 100 gallon bathtub and the other bath faucets for a year. I NEED to decide today so the plumber can do the rough-in. Please help me decide.

I'm going for a chic and elegant, yet vintage-y, yet modern look. How's that for a description! ;) Here's my bathroom layout if it matters. I think I'll move the tub filler to the right on this drawing.

The 7' tall, 6' wide wall behind the tub will have this tile in white on it:

My Kohler Ladena undermount sink is is very rectangular. As is the huge Kohler tub, which contrasts with the big circles on the tile:

The tub filler has been difficult to decide on because I need one with a high flow rate. My tub deck is rather small, so I was hoping for one with a built-in diverter to eliminate one "thing" on the deck. I've narrowed my choices down to four.

1. Aquabrass Volare

PRO: Love the look

CON: 9" tall, plus my plumber doens't have much experience with this brand

2. Delta Veris

PRO: 15 gpm and cheap

CON: 10" tall

3. Grohe Allure

PRO: low profile

CON: expensive! and no built-in diverter

4. Hansgrohe Metris S

PRO: DH likes it

CON: I don't

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