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30-inch canopy range hood recommendations

11 years ago

I'm looking for recommendations for a hood to go over a 30-inch GE Cafe range. It's the one with a couple of high power burners including one at 20k so it's no slouch, and I'll need to extract fumes from frequent wok stir-fries and occasionally even duck which produces a lot of smoke.

I'd prefer a 30-inch wall-mount canopy style with a chimney or stainless steel soffit/duct cover, 600CFM (or more), and it would be nice to keep it under $1,000.

The GE Cafe range hood fits the style & price crieria but I think it has mesh filters instead of baffle filters which I'd prefer. Plus it's hard to find comments from anyone about how great it is.

The Broan E6000 series looks like it might fit the bill but I'm concerned about the noise level based on some comments I've read.

Proline has some attractive looking models but I'm concerned about manufacturing quality, parts availability and the poor reputation of the company for shipping products on time and in good condition. Also I'd be very surprised if their claimed CFM ratings are true.

Finally I wonder if brands like Cavaliere and possible even Kobe come from that same pool of Chinese parts and factories as Proline. I'm not completely opposed to Chinese manufactured products because I know they're not all bad, but with those hoods I worry about something like heat knocking out a cheaply made panel switch that becomes impossible to replace due to parts availability, rendering the entire hood useless.

Anyway, can anyone comment on the above models or recommend anything I may have missed, especially from a reputable manufacturer?

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