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How difficult to change out windows in a brick home?

17 years ago

Hello everyone~

My dialup has had major snaffoos with this website for the past month.... takes several minutes to load a post... uggh. Anyone else having this problem with this site?

Anyway, on to my question for you.

We are looking at a brick house in a humid climate. The windows are difficult to open and close. The house is unfinished interior, and has sat there for about 6 years in the "dried in" stage. On the listing, the windows say vinyl. But.... they are definitely wood looking on the interior. They've not been sealed or stained or anything, and appear to have swelled to the point that it's difficult, almost impossible to open a few of the windows.

First off, is wood even recommended in a humid climate? I know it's not recommended where we currently live, but have no idea about humid climate issues.

If they aren't recommended, should we replace them all with vinyl? And if so, is it difficult (or expensive) to replace windows that are set in brick facade?

If they are okay to keep for humid climate, what should we ask to have done to the windows to help them function? Would we have them sanded down to help ease the "swelling" or whatever? If we did that, and then sealed them, would they then not swell and stick again?

I just worry about fire issues. We do have children, and I'd like them to be able to escape out a window if there was an emergency!! Plus it might be nice to have windows that actually function!

Last question. The house has NO screens in the windows. Are those not standard with your window order? Where would we go to find screens for our windows (assuming we can keep the windows that are in there?).

Thanks for any light you can shed on this subject. I appreciate any/all info. you are willing to share.

Glad to be back.... I've missed you all. Think they can speed up this site?? LOL! :o)

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