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Ventilation experts! I desperately need your help.

13 years ago

We currently have a Jenn Air centre downdraft range that we are replacing with a 30" dual fuel wolf range. We want at least 600cfms. Big issue - the range is on a peninsula, so no wall behind it. Here are a couple of pics.

top view of the 'window' behind the stove.

bottom of the window so you can see where the stove is.

and the wall to the right of the range, perpendicular to it, that we have to vent out through.

The outside of the house is right of where the range is (see the glass blocks pic), and the joists run perpendicular to that. The ceiling is 8' tall and there is a floor above it. So the way out is sort of complicated.

We had a venting guy come in and his solution was to build out a bulkhead out from the ceiling, from where the 'window' starts, build a chimney, and we'd just have to get a canopy that is finished from the other side.

Does that sound reasonable? And like the right solution?

(also, after doing a lot of searching and researching on this forum, I have come to the conclusion that a vent with a remote blower is best - what brands should I look at? )

I really, REALLY appreciate all your advice and help.

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