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How to fix crack/grout in shower? Pic

13 years ago

I have a crack in the grout between the shower wall and floor that runs about 5 inches. I have read many of the archived results regarding similar problems. I have a few questions, just to clarify.

Should I remove the grout in the area and refill with caulk? What type of caulk? Sanded, latex, acrylic? Are there special tools to use to remove the grout?

Also, we have a frame-less shower door that has been caulked where it meets the tile along the wall and marble threshold, but there is a leak because the woodwork next to the shower has started to rot and the paint has bubbled. I removed the woodwork and it seems ok behind it. Should I remove the caulking and then re-caulk? The threshold never seemed wet, but it is now apparent that it has been seeping into the woodwork. I'm not sure if the threshold is angled properly inward or not. Is there anything else I can do beside re-caulking to ensure that it won't happen again?

I have not run water in the shower for about 2 weeks to ensure that the area is dry before I attempt to repair. (Thank goodness for second bathrooms!)

Not the best picture but here it is:


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