30-36' all fridge and 24' all freezer ideas pls, have layout pic

9 years ago

Hi, I'm looking at the following 3 options for my new custom build:

A - 30-36" panel ready all fridge in kitchen, 24" SS all freezer in walk in pantry just past the kitchen.

B- 48" panel ready SxS. Need the 48" SxS as wife thinks 36 combo is too small, and I have only 4 feet of clearance to the island.

With either option I am considering putting in a beveridge fridge in the servery, depending on how much room I get in my fridge selection. If I choose option A with a 36" I may not need it. Will have a fridge in the bar downstairs to help with overflow during holidays/parties etc.

I haven't found too many options for A. There is the SZ 736TR and BI-36R, I think I would lean towards the former as I prefer the look and don't need the extra 2.5 cu ft. The 27" 700 TR is too small says my wife, and she thinks the small width ruins the look of the kitchen a bit. I didn't see any suitable Liebherr fridge options. Fridge and freezer don't have to match, but that would be nice. I know the fridge will cost me, but I'm hoping for a reasonable freezer option in that case, otherwise I'll just save the 5k or so and go with the SZ BI-48.

Here's the layout, we're going to put a pocket door in the pantry, and move it towards the kitchen. We'd put the freezer against the hall and dining room walls of the pantry, with a left opening freezer door. Hopefully if I get some good options for A with your help, I'll head over to kitchens and ask them to comment on my layout.

thx all.


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