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american range performer vs. blue star rcs or rnb

10 years ago

I have read everything i can find on this board (so helpful, thanks to all of you who have shared your experiences) and elsewhere about both stoves, and seen both in person, and amazingly I still am undecided. I'm looking at the 30 inch stoves.

Seems to me like this:
American Range pros: most powerful burners, mostly positive feedback online, cheaper, somewhat easier to clean
AR cons: a little bit deeper body and my kitchen is small, hasn't been around as long so fewer people with experiences to share, grates too high?

Blue Star pros: people seem to be truly, almost romantically in love with them, and who doesn't want that in their life.
Blue Star cons: more $$$, and i've heard of a few heartbreaks to match that romantic love.

Can anyone add anything to those lists, or else just boss me about what to do?

Also, I could eliminate the cost consideration if I just got the BS RCS but I'm afraid I'd regret not having the extra BTUS.

Thanks in advance, I'd like to make this decision in the next few days as I have been cooking on a broken ancient maytag for over a month now.

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