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We're on the cusp of our new build!

12 years ago

Hello everyone. I've been lurking here and at the kitchen forum for a couple of months in preparation for our new build in Maryland. We've got the property, we have the plans completed, and we've been waiting on our county offices to approve everything. We've had the property for over a year and our architectural plans for about that long, and we started the permit process in August. We have no idea what is taking them so long. We FINALLY got the grading permits about 10 days ago, and our building permits are due "any day now."

We are building a new house on a lot next to where my parents are building. We're both using the same custom builder, so at least we have company in our upcoming excitement, frustration, and nervousness.

Both houses are two story (plus basements) with garages and range around 5000sf. My parents' house is a pretty standard colonial, ours is more like a colonial / craftsman, I think. We drew our plans from scratch and an architect refined them. My parents bought a plan off the internet and the same architect modified it for them.

We're already having kitchen cabinet anxieties and flooring choice qualms. Oh, and picking the exterior stone & siding is also giving us heartburn. Guess we should get used to that, huh?

Can't wait for the day we break ground and I can start posting in the "It's MONTH, how's your build progressing?" thread!

Thanks for listening.

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