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Pictures of our Kitchen Renovation (Pic Heavy)

Marlene Kindred
11 years ago

Hello all~

Most of you know that my DH and I have been working on our kitchen for the past six weeks and we're all finished except for putting in the wood floor! Woohoo! We're very pleased with the result and I thought I would go ahead and show some pictures of what we've been up to for so long. We found the hutch for $75 at a thrift store and my DH literally cut it down in depth to fit the space we had for it. He cut off five inches...pretty amazing to watch but it turned out perfectly. We reconfigured the cabinets and put the refrigerator in the pantry. We used the old cabinets and DH built additional ones for the surround on the right and then we painted, added crown molding to the top of the cabinets and rope trim. I just noticed that the pictures don't show the shelf unit over the right side cabinets that is the same blue as the back board in the hutch, but you get the idea. And they also have DH's fat, fluffy Easter chick in them...silly looking thing, but we love it!

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