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Question Re: Tile cutting/sizing 12x12 down to 12x6

10 years ago

Experienced tile folks I'd be grateful for your help on this idea I have of cutting down my large *12x12* Brazilian slate tiles into *6x12* tiles.

I have 11 13/16" x 11 13/16" tiles. So with a 3/16" grout line that makes the 12 inch/sq tile.

I want to see if I can cut these into *6x12* tiles so I can make a pattern.

Will the blade take out enough when cutting down the large tile? Or, do I need to get a blade that will take out the 3/16" that I need to take out of the middle of each 12x12 so that they fit - with my layout using 3/16" grout lines?

I believe that after the cut down of my 11 13/16" x 11 13/16" I should have 11 3/16 x 5 13/32". This size tile should fit into a pattern of my larger tiles *12x12*, RIGHT?

I might want to make a herringbone floor, should this same cut work for that?

Any advise will be so helpful.

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