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cleaning wolf open vs. sealed burner

13 years ago

I purchased a wolf range top in November for my kitchen remodel. After reading posts and threads on this topic, I picked the open burner thinking it would be easier for me to clean � smaller burner covers instead of larger heavier ones, can take the drip pan apart to clean it in the sink instead of just cleaning in place, etc. I love to cook on it but I do have to say that it is a pain to clean (I used to have a smooth top electric so it�s hard to compare cleaning.) My friend is ready to purchase a wolf range top and decided to get the sealed burner because it is supposed to be easier to clean. I know people have different opinions on which cooks better, but I want to hear from someone with sealed burners � is it really easy to clean or does the black get streaky when you wipe it off? The burners next to the ones I cook on have a little burned on splatter (but not the ones I cook on all the time because they are covered up.) Do the sealed burners have burned on splatter marks as well? Sometimes I�ll lay out some aluminum foil (as cat mom once mentioned) to keep from getting splatters all over my clean range and sometimes I�ll decide what to cook based on how clean my range top is.

What is your opinion on which is easier to clean?

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