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Perfect bathroom vent fan - does it exist?

15 years ago

I've not had much luck finding my "perfect" bathroom vent fan. I'm looking for a combination workhorse because I have such a tiny little bathroom. I'm hoping someone can help me out with this.

Features I am looking for, in the order of importance:

1. Waterproof for install over shower ceiling (it's here or nowhere)

2. Humidity sensor (I always forget to turn my fan on or off, so this is a very important feature to me)

3. Heater (I hate the feeling of a drafty bathroom when I'm taking a hot shower, but I don't really have any other space for a heater)

4. Light (I have both a window in the shower and overhead lights elsewhere in the bathroom, so not so important, just a bonus)

5. Some styling. This is a vintage bath but I've yet to see a high functioning vent fan that looked vintage. So, something low-profile, flush or recessed into the ceiling.

6. Quiet is a plus, but this is not something that has ever really bothered me before

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