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Will this huge window blow our budget?

bridget helm
10 years ago

Hi. I found this house that I'd like to copy. I'd change the shutters. We DO have an architect. I was going to ask him to copy this look for us. What I like about it the most is the large small panes window. It gives it an industrial look. Kind of modern Dutch. I made that up ;)

Anyhow, I emailed the pic to to my builder asking him if the swooped roof would be really expensive to build. I know that arches always cost more in building than straight edges. His response was, "no the roof won't be a problem, but the big window equals HUGE expense, so keep looking."

I am trying to make wise choices. It looks to me that the window is actually 6 windows framed together, but the bottom 3 do look to be extremely tall. So do you think this window will be crazy expensive?

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