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please help in guest bath

13 years ago

We're modifying the guest bath downstairs so that the shower is approx 32"deep x 60" wide.

This guest bath doesn't have to be handicapped accessible, but ok for those with limited mobility, thus no tub.

My mom likes the idea of a teak bench, but we would need to put grab bars in. A hand shower system would allow for use while sitting.

I've designed 2 kitchens, with the help of all those at GW, but never a bathroom.

I found a tile I like for the whole of downstairs (family room, approx 600 sq ft), including the bath and laundry room,


I'll use a "hopscotch" pattern, using both 12x12 and 18x18 sizes for the floor. This tile also has 3x3 size, for shower floor, and 10x13 for shower walls.

What are the benefits of using tile vs solid surface or other shower units? I don't expect this shower to be used more than 3 weeks out of the year, as it's our 3rd bath, and a 2nd guest room area, possible m-in law room. My tiler also did my friends house, did a wonderful job, and is priced right.

Do I need to have an enclosure for shampoo, etc, if I have a bench upon which I could put a nice plastic basket? I'll put a soap dish in, though I only use lotion soap now, DH and dad like the bar soap.

Here's the plan for the bathroom:


Recommendations for a handheld shower unit? Again, since it won't be used much, I don't want to spend alot. I love my KWC faucet in my kitchen, but can't justify the expense of a pricey unit in this shower when it won't be used often.

I'm leaning towards tile in the shower, as DH wants a shower door, a clear door would add depth to the room, and show off a nice tile job.

Thanks for your assistance, I'm a bit bewildered at this point!

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