Advice on bullnose edges with subway tile---stuck!

10 years ago

We are working on a tile project (actually a kitchen backsplash) and are stuck, and I'm hoping somebody might have some advice.

We are using 3x6 subway tile, and most of the backsplash is 18" high. Under our range hood, we're going up to meet the range hood, which means it's 33" high instead. We originally wanted to find a 1/2" or 1" liner that we could use as the edge of the tile, but failed miserably at finding any company that made a liner with bullnose on the 6" side, except for one who would do it custom for $$$$. So we just got 3x6 bullnose tiles that match the field tile.

Laying them out, though, we clearly have a problem: as we turn up to go from 18" high to the range hood, there's a long bullnose, then a short bullnose in the adjacent row above it as it turns the corner, and then a standard field tile in the middle (if that makes sense). The standard tile sticks out because the other two are rounded at the bullnosed edges, creating a bump.

Is there a strategy for solving this? We're open to changing the pattern (or if someone knows of a source we missed for 1/2" or 1" long-side bullnose liners, would happily switch back to those too!) We already have all of the field tile edge pieces (short bullnose, long bullnose, corner) that come with this tile line and none solves the problem, so I don't think the tile store will hold any magic solutions, sadly. Is there a special way of cutting the tile to avoid this problem, or another creative solution?


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