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Forced Air vs Hydro air

9 years ago

I am in the process of building a new home in the lower Hudson Valley in NY. We are currently in the decision making process for the HVAC system. Already met with the HVAC guy and he steered us towards Forced Air. Have had thoughts of putting in Forced air with an attached humidifier (Tempstar units - load calculations still pending) vs using the Hydro air for heating.

The other issue is whether using a Tankless Hot Water heater is an option for us if we use Hydroair or should we use a conventional hot water heater. I have had different people tell me that hydro is the way to go so I don't have to worry about humidifying the air and that a Combi-Cor compressed liquid propane Tankless system will be perfect for this, but then I hear the opposite from others.

The home is 4100 square feet - 5BR and 4-1/2 bath with a 2 story foyer and 2 story family room that will have a gas fireplace. The home will use Liquid Propane. The plan is to put 1 unit in the basement and 1 unit in the attic. We are also trying to keep the efficiency of the 2 units at about 92+%.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. If any other info is needed from me, I will gladly provide it. I will be arranging another meeting with the HVAC guy this week.

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