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Bluestar -Thx Mandy & Monkeyk Plus Oven Knob Question

10 years ago

When we were renovating our kitchen 7 years ago this site was invaluable. I came back recently because my Bluestar oven door finally became completely stuck. Thanks to all of you I found Mandy Lopez's email address and told her the issue. I was surprised and pleased when she told me that since it was that infamous hinge issue it was considered under warranty! She had them send me a new door, in my custom color.

However, they neglected to send instructions, especially for a door that couldn't open. Thanks very much to monkeyk whose description and photos of removing a stuck door helped us so much as we labored to remove the old door and install the new.

Now onto my question: our oven knob falls off fairly regularly. I just noticed, though, that the knob shaft seems to be oriented wrong. When I put the knob back on the 150 degrees faces the "off" marker line, instead of having the OFF align with the line. Is there an easy way to fix that? Thanks in advance!

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