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Triple Oven combo ?'s: height of units, MW drawer too low?

11 years ago

I have committed to the Wolf Convection Steam oven as well as Wolf single oven. I am contemplating the Wolf drawer microwave -- the three would be stacked with MW drawer on the bottom, single oven in the middle, steam oven on top.

My reason for considering this configuration is that I don't really have another good spot for the Microwave.

I am concerned, however, that in order for the steam oven to be at a good height for getting stuff in and out of it and using the controls, etc. the microwave is essentially just above the toe kick.

I don't microwave very much (maybe 2-3 times per week) and I think I can live with the bending over to use the controls, etc (I guess this would be a better option for me than reaching too high to use the steam oven... and I also think better than having a MW taking up my valuable cabinet space which has been so carefully planned and fussed over for months)...

Just wondering if anyone has contemplated this situation and what you'd do ... I am posting because of my reservations even though the alternatives aren't great. I guess just hoping for some confirmation that it will be okay or to hear that I should absolutely NOT do this and find some other place for a MW.


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