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A list of Bluestar issues so far ...

13 years ago

RNB304 installed Jan 2008. Here's a list:

1. One side of the oven burner not igniting properly causing release of excess gas - burner part replaced - spring 08

2. Convection fan loud and replaced June / July 08

3. Wire trapped in side panel overheats, sparks and shorts out oven causing minor explosion. 2 other wires in "danger" discovered during repair - Feb 09

4. Unit shipped with incorrect metal frame under stove top - correct parts and levelling screws installed - Mar 09

5. Convection fan indicator bulb burned out - Mar 09

This is a lot by any standards in a very short time, isn't it? The framing pieces were just installed today and the very first meal I cook after the convection bulb is burnt out. I don't even know why I'm posting all this. I need some perspective.

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