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Thoughts on Split finish door knobs and mixing finishes?

10 years ago

Ok..I have a habit of being a bit of a matchy po po. I slowly have been trying to break the habit and realize everything doesn't need to match.

Which brings me to my first question. Did you install a split finish door knob for your bathroom? If so, did you install split finish door knobs anywhere else in the house or only bathrooms? And yes, I have done split finish in the past in bedrooms where I had different finishes than the hallway (example - bedroom with mirrored furniture had satin nickel and hallway had oil rubbed bronze).

Second question: Did you mix and match finishes in your bathroom? We are looking at possibly doing polished nickel fixtures but he door knob we were looking at is split finish (chrome inside bath and oil rubbed bronze outside).

First - debating if we should even do split finish door knobs for the bathroom...but also wondering if mixing chrome and polished nickel will look worse than oil rubbed bronze and nickel.

Our bathroom will be white cabinets and calacatta gold marble tile/vanity top.


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