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Hardi plank dilemma - mixing stone, stucco and Hardi board

14 years ago

Hello all -

Thanks so much for all the valuable info I've learned on this site.

We're in the middle of building a Prairie/Craftsman style house in southern California, and our architect has designed the exterior siding to be stone on the bottom part of the house (around the porch, garage and lower half of 1st floor), then a large band of stucco (covering most of the first floor and part of the 2nd flr), then a band of Hardiplank horizontal siding on the top of the house, above the 2nd floor, going all the way up to meet the roof. I hope I've described this right so you can get a visual of it.

I'm having a VERY hard time figuring this all out - it's tricky enough to pick a single siding material (with various colors and textures), but I never knew how crazy it would make me to have to pick three.

So, here are my questions -

1) On the Hardi plank, should I go with the "cedar wood" look (textured look) or the smooth finish? My gut says smooth is what I'd like, but my builder thinks it should be the wood look. I'm afraid that might look fake. I need to check w/my architect, but I thought I'd find out what all of you use and like.

2) I would LOVE to see photos of your home with Hardi plank, especially of homes that have a mix of siding materials (especially stone and/or stucco) such as ours. Please post your photos here or let me know where I can see photos for some much-needed inspiration.

Thank you in advance for all your help!!


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