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Idiotic hand shower/slide bar question

14 years ago

Well, at least I admit when my questions are on the sillier side! :-) I was reading a great thread on here about designing bathrooms for kids, and I really liked the idea of having a handshower with a slide bar for their shower to make it easier to adjust to the differing heights. Then I started looking at fixtures and confused myself! If you do the handshower/slide bar combo, do you do a regular (fixed) showerhead as well? If you only do the handshower/slide bar combo, is that a sufficient enough spray for regular "adult" showers also? I just think of the handshower in our current shower and I know that even if it was mounted on the wall, I'd never want to attempt to take a full shower in it's (relatively) weak spray. Opinions/thoughts appreciated - thanks!

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