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Hand-held Steam Cleaner Recs?

16 years ago

From this wonderful forum I got turned on to the steam mop -- love it!

Now I want a steam cleaner for everything else (countertops, sink, faucets, mirrors, around toilets, etc.) but cannot figure out what to get. Folks here seem to like the Shark brand, but the little hand-held Sharks seem as if they'd run out of steam too quickly. Like, I'd just get going and then kaput, I'd have to fill them up with water and wait five - seven minutes to get them hot again. I want something with a big water chamber and lots of powerful steam.

So I figured I'd just get the Shark Ultra Steam Blaster / Professional Steam (seems to go by both names), but no one around me carries it. (and I was really itching to use my Linens n' Things 20% off coupon!)

On Amazon I read a review of the Shark where the writer loved the Saeco Piccolo so I figured "I'll get it!" Only I cannot find it anywhere. Nowhere. And of course, it sounds ideal.

Any ideas / recommendations for me? I really wanted to keep it $100 or less (preferably less!)

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