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I'll never buy another "toilet brush" again

9 years ago

When I was looking into getting a Toto toilet because of recommendations on GW and from my plumber I was reading that some have been difficult to clean with a toilet brush. I also was worried about the sanagloss finish and if it was more delicate. I have noticed too, that the toilet brushes seem to be really stiff. I don't know if the finish is more delicate but I was not wanting to risk it.

The instructions with the toilet say not to use a metal brush or scouring pad. I would never do that. But the regular brushes seem so rough. So I bought a dish brush in the kitchen section of Target or Walmart. I love the flexability of the handle and the small size of the brush head. The bristles are soft and I am not worried about scratching. When I have used it, it is perfect!

Now maybe this is quite common for people to go this route, but I had never thought of it before so I thought I would share. Habit has always lead me to the toilet brush isle to buy a toilet brush. But I will never buy another toilet brush again.

Isn't it cute?

You can also buy a small utensil crock to house it and coordinate with your decor.

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