Aluminum pots & pans - how do you clean them?

13 years ago

I've got some pots and pans (passed down from my Mom) that I just love - the food comes out delicious every time, and even the heaviest ones don't require you to be weight-training to get them in and out of the kitchen cabinets.

But cleaning them is another story entirely. Forget the dishwasher - that's out of the question. But I find that even just cooking up some plain pasta "stains" the aluminum. You can see exactly how high up the water was in the pot where the dullness comes up to.

They do come nice & clean and shiny but it involves Brillo and elbow grease. Neven mind that my Mom did it every night, I just wish there was an easier way to get them clean. I've use "kosher" (Rokeach brand) bar soap, which really gets the beautifully shiny, but it still involves scrubbing with steel wool.

It just grosses me out to leave them all dull looking, using just dish detergent & a sponge, even though they're clean; I like the shine.

Any suggestions?

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