CornuFe - Owner Experiences

9 years ago

Hi everyone,

I generally just lurk, but I am curious if anyone who has had a CornuFe for at least 6 months could tell me how they like it.

I have seen the previous threads, but none were very recent. We looked at Lacanche (took a cooking class on a Cluny this past Friday) and much to my surprise, I did not like it. I was all set to order the Cluny 1400 and I was really underwhelmed by the looks.

I was so determined not to have a typical "pro-look" range in our new house (we are building a Creole-style home, hence wanting a different look) and the CornuFe is pretty much my last shot. My husband wants to just plan on the 48" Wolf or Thermador and call it a day.

As far as the CornuFe, my husband is particularly worried about the door style. He is concerned about burning his arm while taking something out of it. Is that an issue anyone who has one/has used one can tell us about? I haven't seen it mentioned in past threads.

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