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mighty anvil....regarding craftsman style

16 years ago

Am I incorrect in thinking that a lot of the houses built around the beginning of the 20th century were a mixture of styles and not always "pure." Sometimes I look at houses and I can't quite place them although they all have similarities. They have deep overhangs with exposed raftertails, wide porches with some sort of tapered pillars (in Charlotte, brick and in Asheville, stone), shed and/or gable dormers, wide flat trim around the windows and edges of the house, and if they don't have street parking, they have detached garages. We have a lot of these 1.5 story bungalows here in Charlotte and tons of these where I will be building in Asheville. I read with great interest your posts on authentic Craftsman architecture. However I fear that if I were to build anything that looked that authentic it would not look humble enough to fit in. Yet these houses were in fact built between 1910-1930. So how does one categorize them? What elements should I be trying to emulate?

PS I am slightly more interested in the interior trim work for personal reasons. My father was a woodworker by trade and I have always held a deep appreciation and fascination for anything wood! Yet this is the area that I know I will have to compromise the most due to the extremely high costs.

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