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Quick help please on choosing kitchen appliances!

11 years ago

I have a budget of $10-12,000 for appliances for my new kitchen and thought that it would be easy but, well, my head is about to explode.

I am leaning toward a cooktop (with hood) and double oven rather than a range (with hood), but I also like the look of a professional-style range. I guess that it will come down to price.

I need a 5-burner and really like the continuous cast-iron grates that I have now.

I want a side-by-side refrigerator with an in-door ice/ water dispenser.

I have no idea about a dishwasher, it has been so long since I bought one...

I'd like all to be stainless steel and, well, DH thinks that because it's a high-end home we should have high-end appliances, but I'd rather opt for reliability and function.

Please-- ANY suggestions, hints, etc. would be very, very helpful. Even if I knew what manufacturers to stay away from would help. I spent another couple of hours today reading about product reliability, which appliances are the "best rated", etc. and I'm not much further along in the process than I was when I started.


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