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How many of you actually use your whirlpool tubs?

13 years ago

we are building a new master bath and plan to put in a whirlpool bath and have been back and forth for a couple of years now on what kind to buy what size and shape etc. we live in a small area and there are only 2 showrooms with about 10 different tubs to actually try out and none of them were the size i think i probably need so if we order one it will be based on a good guess basically. we were able to see Jason tubs which definitely were the quietest we have heard, but pretty expensive, pearl tubs which were very loud but considerably cheaper than the jason, and kohler tubs which i didn't have much opinion about. I am only 5 feet tall so i think i would drown in a 72 inch tub, but i am thinking i want 42 inch wide so there is plenty of room for the water to circulate around me. Being too close to jets makes me itch.

we also looked at some tubs at menards and lowes but i am hesitant to buy from there.

So, we are leaning toward the jason brand 42 x 66 whirlpool tub with no extras but the store wants $2400 and is not willing to budge on price. i can deal with that if i use it alot, but almost everyone i have talked to has said they don't use theirs. I think some of the reason is that they don't have a big enough hot water heater to fill it and they didn't buy the proper faucet so it takes forever to fill and by the time it is full the water is cold. we would have the proper faucet and hot water heater. I considered an inline heater but they are an additional $500 and since we still have to add on taxes, we are at our limit already.

My other considerations here are that we are also planning to get a outdoor jacuzzi in a couple of years so i especially worry that the tub will go unused then although we do live in a winter climate and i don't see myself going outside to use a jacuzzi at 40 below, while i may take a bath nightly. ( I just don't know!)

I have found the jason bath online that i am looking at at various jason dealers, and on some the exact tub i am looking at it more than half the price as well as free shipping and no taxes. I am leery to buy online when it comes to something so expensive, but it would save us so much! I have not checked out better business bureau for any of these business yet or anything, i am just looking for advice from anyone who has has a whirlpool and whether or not you use it, and did anyone buy online? Thanks so much!

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