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Anyone heard of Looking Glass mosaic glass tile (Bill V?) - pics

13 years ago

I found a glass mosaic tile that I'm considering using as a decorative liner for my bathroom shower and for the vanity splash. It's a cheaper brand ($10.99sf) so I was wondering if a bargain glass tile is okay to use in a bathtub shower area or will "I pay for it later in regret due to it not fairing well over time". The thickness is 2/16", compared to our field tile which is 1/4" thick, so we'd have to build up the liner area which will be 3 rows of 1x1's.

My DH will be installing and I figured the glass tile will go approx. 53" high from tub top. I was told by the salesperson this tile was for the bargain shopper but that's not why I'm considering it. The colors just work with the look I'm trying to achieve and it gives the area some POP.

Anyone familiar with "Looking Glass" manufacturer? Is this a decent tile to use in a shower with tub, install? Which one do you think looks better?

Gray, black, beige glass


Shown with 10x13 file tile


My other option is this Mannington 2x2 mosaic which is 1/4" thick at goes for $26+ sf. I'd use 2 rows of this. Gray, browns, and natural stone.



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