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double towel bar vs. hooks

8 years ago

We have a small bathroom, small space for towels... basically all that is available is a 24" wide wall between the vanity and the corner, and the pocket door will be closing right at that corner.

We are considering a double towel rack, but it sticks out about 4-3/4"... I think it might feel like it's crowding a person walking into the room. The switches also need to be above the towel rack. fwiw, contractor is looking to see if he can slide the pocket door about 4" so at least there is a typical width of moulding around the door.

I prefer the look and simplicity of hooks. Seems like towels need to be hung carefully on a bar to look decent. Bathroom potentially shared by all four family members, so some of the towels will need to be hung in bedrooms to dry.

Any ideas/thoughts appreciated!

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