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Cracks - Should I be concerned?

14 years ago


My husband and I are moving to FL and have just returned from a trip to look at model houses. We found one builder that we really liked - the construction materials, floorplans, neighborhood, etc. were what we are looking for.

But, we noticed that the model homes had cracks in it. One model in a pre-construction community had a crack going across the ceiling in the lanai area. The second model (same builder) was in a more mature neighborhood and I'm assuming was built several years ago. This house had a large crack in the bedroom from the window to the floor.

Is this a major red flag that the construction quality was poor or could this be normal from the result of the house settling? What could the cause of these cracks be? FWIW, the builder has a 3 year history on the BBB and had 4 complaints, but none in the last 12 months.

Thanks in advance!

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