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Please help me find the right ovens, am I missing any good option

15 years ago

For those who have helped me before with the DCS range, thank you very much! Believe it or not I am still researching the appliances. Decided on the range (or rangetop) but now (again) looking at the wall ovens. So here it goes:

For our kitchen remodel, we have selected DCS 36" but haven't decided whether it is going to be an all Gas range or just a rangetop.

In any case I would like to have one regular size oven and one smaller size oven. I do a lot of small meals for our family of four and I am not a microwave person. Still we'll need a microwave for an occasional use.

We are planning on a corner wall oven cabinet and can have 24", 27" or 30" oven in there. There will be just more wood trim if the oven is narrower(which I would prefer for the looks). Because it is such a visible spot, the oven also has to look nice and go with the traditional style cabinetry. Reliability is also a major factor, need something that will not break after a year or two.

Cost is definitely important but first would like to see what would work and then look at the price and decide where we need to compromise.

So far these are my ideas:

Option 1:

36" DCS rangetop, Miele 30" oven and Miele Speed Oven with the 30" trim kit. The reason for the speed oven is the ability to use it as a convection oven as well as a MW.

Option 2:

36" DCS range, Miele Speed Oven with the 27" trim kit and a 27" warming drawer.

Both seem like good combinations except I have some reservations about the speed oven, it has great functions but comes with many restrictions too. It doesn't have the racks so I would be cooking on the glass tray that comes with it. Or I can set a pyrex dish on the glass tray. They don't recommend using any metal trays or pans and want you to hand-wash the glass tray. If I want more glass trays to use for multiple dishes, I have to order them from Miele for over $200 each. When I was thinking of a small oven, I had in mind a normal oven with racks etc. where I could use all small metal trays and pans I am used to.

Without the speed oven I have Options 3:

DCS 36" range, any good 24" or 27" oven and a MW above the oven.

The problem is this oven cabinet is in a very visible spot in the kitchen as well as the adjacent rooms so I don't want to stick a standard MW with a trim kit with those grills there. Kitchenaid MW which looks like a small oven would look great but Kitchenaid ovens don't have a great reputation here. Miele has a great 24" oven which would be perfect but no MW (other than the speed oven mentioned above).

Ruled out: GE Advantium (don't want to cook with the lights), Gaggenau (I like it but DH hated the modern look), DeLonghi (bad reviews)

Probably ruled out: Viking, Dacor and Kitchenaid (again, based on the bad reputation on this forum)

What do you think? Anything I am missing and need to check into?

Thank you


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