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How to clean marble in bathroom?

My son just bought a condo. It has white and grey marble in the master bath: on the floor, countertops, and bath/shower walls. I have never had to clean much marble so I promised to find out what was safe to use on it. I use Method all purpose spray cleaner on my granite, but I don't know if that is safe for marble, which is much softer.

I am especially concerned about the shower walls. It looks like, though it was obviously cleaned as well as possible before being put on the market, the marble is not shiny anymore. Same for one area of the countertop. The condo is about 6 years old. (Also, he is a young bachelor, a medical resident, and works non-stop. I know he will not be vigilant about keeping anything very clean. So stuff will build up, then taking a big effort to clean before guests come.)

Can you recommend what is safe to clean it with?

Would sealing it help?

Is an automatic shower cleaner like scrubbing bubbles recommended? I use that, but I only have ceramic tile.

I have heard that changing from bar soap to a body wash is good too. Is that true?


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