Microfiber clothes stink

15 years ago

I have them for my house AND my face, and even if I ring them out and hang them up, they get sour or mildewy smelling. I can't figure out what the problem is. My clothes don't come of the wash smelling sour, but my microfibers will.

The ones for my skin, they are supposedly "dermal grade", whatever that really means, I doubt there's actually any certification process. So even if it smells clean, I will use it on my face, ring it out, and hang it to dry. It dries, but then STINKS.

Can anyone tell me if there is a certain way to wash them? I can hang towlels and they dry and don't smell, but these microfiber cloths seem to hold some kind of sourness. I just don't understand! Any advice is greatly appreciated... FYI, I wash them in a front loader on the Heavy Duty cycle in Hot water with Tide. I know not to use bleach, but gosh I think I might have to!

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