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Ceramic Tile in Bathroom; Opinion, Please

16 years ago


My house is about 19-20n yrs. old. The master bath has white, 4" x 4" tiles (don't know for sure if it is ceramic or porcelain) half-way up the wall around the garden tub and encasing the tub. Those same tiles are inside the shower from top to bottom, and are covering the bottom of the shower stall. In front of the shower stall is a small area, about 5' x 5', with the octagonal white, 4" tiles.

The grout on the area in front of the shower is awful and in need of replacing; however, I really hate small, white tiles on the floor. I would like to replace them with a more contemporary ceramic tile in a neutral color, possibly in the grey family. I am really not looking to change out the wall or shower stall tiles; they still look good.

Would it look absolutely hideous to leave the white tiles on the walls and inside the shower, but change the tiles to the color and style I prefer in front of the shower? Or do all areas neede to be the same?



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