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help! anyone installed kohler laminar k-923 wall mount tub filler

12 years ago

I'm looking for anyone who can give me some first hand experience with the Kohler Laminar K-923 tub filler. I want to use this in a wall mount application which in Kohler's specs says you can (use it either to fill the tub from the ceiling or the wall). I've typically seen it installed in the ceiling though and am looking for additional information from anyone who has it wall mounted. I am looking to use it in conjunction with a freestanding tub mounted close enough to the wall in order to catch any drips. Question is - how close is close enough? Also curious how the water comes out when its not on full blast - i.e. those first few seconds when you just turn the water on and the last few seconds as you turn the water off.

Hoping someone out there can help me with some words of wisdom!

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