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Gas odor and vent return question

16 years ago

I have a Lacanche, Cluny 1400 and i would of asked this in that particular forum, but this is a general question for all folks that have a high BTU range and a 1200 cfm vent system,(i have a VentAHood). whenever i use the gas oven in my Cluny 1400 we smell gas. when new, we called ArtCulinare, they said not to worry, just the smell from the coating they place in the oven, will be gone after few uses and wipe it out well. 2 yrs. later, still smell the same gas odor. i have used it numerous times, and washed inside several times, no difference. top burners, no problem odors, only when i use the oven. pretty accurate.time has passed, and i just overlooked the issue. i just couldn't stand the odor anymore, i called and spoke to Greg again, he sent out a service in the Chicago area and when he turned on my oven, he said it's not gas, it's carbon monoxide that we're smelling, and that we need a return line to rid the carbon monoxide, or open a window to let fresh air in while the oven is on and the ventahood is running. we purchased a carbon monixide detector this morning, and tested it to make sure it worked, and placed it on the stove right where the oven vents on top for an hour with the oven set at 400 degrees, some time with the vent on and some time with the vent off, and nothing happened. no alarms went off, i opened the oven door, and held it almost in the oven, no alarms, moved it around the room, nothing. although, i'm happy to find out we're not killing ourselves every time i cook, what can this be? has anyone else needed to install a return line to their vent system or stove,(not sure what he meant), or needs to crack open a window to allow their system to draw the smells out? if so, why did i spend so much money on a 1200 cfm system?

by the way, none of these companies that i dealt with related to the purchase or installation of the ventahood mentioned a return line. thanks for our reply.


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