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General Contractor's Sub-Contractors Damaged Windows and Flooring

13 years ago

Our general contractor's crew of subcontractors scratched all nine of our picture windows when they cleaned them with a razor blade. Our general contractor also had his guy lay the wood floor and he failed to cover it when they finished. It sat two weeks uncovered and numerous people have been working in there since. The floor in our study and great room are ruined. Also, all the glass in the picture windows are going to have to be replaced. Lastly, we purchased Kraus stainless steel sinks in the kitchen and utility. His crews washed varnish, mortar and paint down the drain. Our sinks were stained from the mortar and they used steel wool to get it out. Now they are all scratched up and the factory finish is ruined. We want all of it replaced at their expense. The total for all three is around $15,000. We had the purchase the buyer risk insurance but he is telling us this is not covered. The general contractor was told from a guy with Zurich Insurance that this is not covered and he needs to go to the police station and file vandalism complaint. Are we not protected and covered in cases like this. Our contractor has lied from the start and this just does not sound right. His crews damaged everything and he has to file vandalism charges??? Don't know if it matters or not, but we personally paid for the windows, wood flooring and sinks. We have all the receipts and the cost to replace everything. What can we do? Does this sound right?

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