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Bluestar and AG Wolf - will the hot doors scald the wee ones??

12 years ago

Ah, yet another Bluestar and/vs. Wolf question!

I have two wee ones, the kind of kitchen that is hard to keep them out of, and I cook a lot...

I was very excited to get a Bluestar, mostly b/d that star shaped burner, plus the crazy high and crazy low flames sounded awesome. (I really dislike my Thermador mostly b/c the big round flame runs up the sides of my pots or takes forever to heat a pot if I turn it down enough to get the flame under a small or even medium pot.) But then I read here that the Bluestar doors get to 142 degrees hot at just 350 inside! I use the oven at 425, even 500, pretty regularly... Someone here said at 500 her Bluestar door gets to 200 degrees. DOes anyone who got a Bluestar in the last year know if this is still true? Does it get hot enough to actually burn/blister/scald, or just hot to the touch? I heard they changed the design last year to help alleviate the problem... A BS rep said it gets hot to the touch, but not scalding... but 200, or even 142 sounds like scalding to me!

And so I decided I'd go with a Wolf AG instead... but then I read someone here say that that door gets blazing hot, too! Is that so??

Thanks so much for your help...

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