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Tablecloth vs. no tablecloth....

17 years ago

Do you keep tablecloths on your DR/kitchen table all the time, or just use them on special occassions? What if one of your tables is a glass top table~would YOU keep a tablecloth on it?

What about a centerpiece~do you have them on your tables all the time or just on holidays? What do you use when it isn't a holiday? Do you find you change it for the seasons? I know a lot of you do the fall arrangement, but what about spring/summer?

Do you change out anything else in your home with the warmer seasons, like adding lighter colors in pillows, slipcovers, etc?

Will you be using lighter color dishes/floral dishes to bring in a garden look for spring/summer,now that we've all become more 'dish savvy'? I've seen a lot of florals at my thrift stores!! ;o)


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